Why Windows VPS Servers in India Cost More and Why Those Costs are Justified

Planning to launch a website for your business? You’ll need to select the right web hosting providers. More importantly, you’ll need to select reliable hosting servers. Most business owners that offer e-commerce options on their websites recommend selecting windows VPS server in India.

But, when browsing through the market, you’ll discover that web hosting packages that run on Linux servers are significantly cheaper. Why are Windows VPS servers more expensive? There are many factors involved –

  • Space: The Windows operating system has large SSD disk storage requirements. On average, a Linux operating system will take up 3-4 GBs of space. On the other hand, the Windows operating system takes up at least 15 GBs of storage space on average. Storage fees are the main reason why Windows VPS servers are more expensive.
  • RAM: Windows also requires more RAM to deploy virtual servers efficiently.
  • Microsoft Licensing Fees: Unlike Linux, the Windows operating system is not open-source. Users have to pay licensing fees to Microsoft via SPLA contracts (Service Provider Licensing Agreements). Microsoft charges web hosting service providers monthly fees for its products. These costs are passed on to clients.

These are the reasons why many web hosting packages currently run on Linux servers. However, Linux isn’t business-friendly – especially if you’re a small business owner with limited tech capacities.

Why Windows VPS Server Costs are Justified

Suitable for Indian Businesses – Most business websites in India are based on Microsoft technologies like .NET or ASP.NET. If these websites attempt to use Microsoft stack products like Microsoft SQL Server (for eCommerce), they’ll need to run on Windows servers.

  • Run Multiple Operating Systems Simultaneously: Linux VPS can’t run multiple operating systems at the same time. When managing vast amounts of data, this deficiency causes a huge problem. Hosting providers have to manually transfer data to different partitions in the VPS to run other operating systems. These efforts rack up service costs. Windows VPS can effortlessly run multiple operating systems.
  • Access to All Apps: Contrary to belief, selecting Windows hosting doesn’t mean that you can only use Microsoft-owned products. Users can easily install popular apps like phpBB, Drupal, WordPress, and several others.
  • Microsoft Friendly: If your business uses Microsoft tools for data processing or transfer, opting for Windows VPS is a much better decision. Tools like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project integrate perfectly with Windows servers.
  • Easy to Manage: Linux VPS is suited for technically proficient people. If you have no prior knowledge about operating servers, Windows VPS is by far the user-friendlier option. With Managed Windows VPS hosting plans, users don’t have to take care of any updates or maintenance requirements. Windows VPS also comes with a helpful Remote Desktop feature that allows web hosting experts from all over the world to manage the server from their desktops.

Local businesses that want to make the most of Microsoft technologies should not refrain from paying slightly higher fees for Windows VPS servers. Find a reliable provider of windows VPS server in Indiaand you’ll receive great services and features for fair prices.

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