Secure password – how to create?

I don’t think we need to convince anyone that online security is extremely important. A good, secure password is one of the key elements of cyber security . And yet, by many, usually out of ordinary laziness, this topic is disregarded.

So how do you create a secure password that will ensure the security of us, our equipment and the data stored on it?

Secure password – what?

  • The password should be difficult to guess
  • It should consist of both letters and numbers as well as special characters
  • It cannot be a username or your name, Pesel or phone number
  • It is not recommended to use commonly known proper names or words
  • The word “password” is not allowed. “Password123” doesn’t change much.
  • Do not use the same password in several applications
  • Do not write your password on a piece of paper in a visible place in the office or under a keyboard, for example

The secure password currently consists of a minimum of 12 characters. Periodically changing passwords is also an important aspect of security – thus reducing the risk of password cracking. If we provide employees with software that requires a password, the system should force the user to change the password from time to time, e.g. every quarter.

How to create a secure password?

There are creative ways to create a hard-to-crack password that you can easily remember. To this end, mnemotechnics should be used . For example, choose the first syllable from each word in a sentence, and replace some letters with numbers or special characters. A seemingly devoid of logic string of characters for us will be readable and easy to remember.

A good way, often used in companies, is to use a password storage program . We only need to know one password and the program will do the rest for us! It’s important to remember the master password well because programs don’t store it. However, we will easily save access data to our accounts there. The program can even fill in the password field, credit card details or the entire form for us.

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