Hosting for a large company – how to choose?

The choice of hosting for a large, demanding or growing company is certainly an issue that requires careful thought. Certainly, in this case, price is not the only indicator of the right choice. There are lots of different types of offers on the Internet for different types of players in this market.

It is worth remembering that by choosing the right one, we will avoid such problems in the future as, for example, poor server performance, caused by low RAM and various types of workloads, disrupting everyday work. We will also avoid the need for migration, and thus transferring data to a new, better server, which unfortunately is often associated with additional complications. “Once, but good” – this is the motto of the organization when it decides to buy hosting. In addition to the price itself, it’s worth paying attention to other, extremely important elements, such as:

  • already mentioned performance, but also scalability, 
  • data security that hosting provides (backup, security tests, backup center, the ability to switch services between centers),
  • trouble-free and high availability,
  • value-added services (monitoring, 24-hour administrator support, updates),
  • change management procedures,
  • communication (constant, trouble-free contact, thanks to which all kinds of problems can be solved efficiently). 

Shared server?

For large companies whose websites collect a lot of data and are more technologically advanced, there is practically no point in considering buying a shared server. Because of a few reasons. Its resources are separated from the physical server, and inefficient operation occurs here very often (performance decreases even when other users of the shared server are more active). Often, a shared server is also a shared IP address, which can be associated with considerable problems – it is enough for one of the users to send out SPAM and other users will also be marked as spammers. 

VPS servers

VPS servers are a more advanced solution. Such a virtual server allows, above all, to expand resources whenever necessary. For large companies, even if they are just starting out, it’s often difficult to estimate future memory, disk or processor needs, so this kind of flexibility will definitely be a huge plus. Unfortunately, it is still a type of shared hosting and use of shared resources …

Dedicated server

The last type of hosting is a dedicated server – a physical server that the organization can administer. It also has full control over its configuration. We are dealing here with very high performance and stability, and above all – with security. The organization has an exclusive server and does not need to share its resources with other users. What’s more, it can take full advantage of disk space, processor capabilities and RAM. Scalability is no longer a problem – a dedicated server can almost always be customized to suit your needs. Even when the latter change quickly.

The best solution

The assessment of what type of hosting your organization will need should be made by a professional. Cost reduction will not always be the most important variable in this case, as it is the server that will affect not only the smooth operation of the website in the future, but also the optimal use of resources, flexibility and proper protection of company data. If our choice falls on equipment with small capabilities, as the company develops, we will have to reckon with the need to change hosting for better. This, in turn, entails not only complications, but also further expenses. 

Hosting for a large company from DesiVPS

Are you thinking of buying hosting for your business? Check the DesiVPS offer and choose the equipment that will meet your expectations. Our experts will be happy to help you make decisions. We have efficient, reliable and secure dedicated servers We will help you choose the model that will be optimal for your organization. Contact us today: [email protected]

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